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La Comptonie Voyageuse Tiny House

About our Tiny House

- Peaceful Tiny House situated in the woods behind the village of Douglastown, between Gaspé and Percé, facing Forillon National Park of Canada.
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- We are open year round. -

The Gaspésie

On a broader scale, we are located in a region called Gaspésie, a mountainous and forested peninsula at the eastern end of the province of Quebec, Canada.


Our village, Douglastown, is about 1,000 km from Montreal.

A countryside full of nature and ever-changing views – whether they be of mountains, rivers or the sea – Gaspesie, translated as “land’s end” from miq maq ‘’Gespeg’’, will not leave you ‘untouched’!

The area has a one-of-a-kind appeal and occupies a special place in, even, the hearts of Quebecers, themselves! It boasts of being home to more than two-thirds of Quebec's peaks, over 1,000 meters in height.

Its 21,000 km² (two thirds the size of Belgium) are populated by less than 90,000 inhabitants and 94% of its territory is occupied by a diverse forest. Balsam Fir is the dominant species. It is mainly conifers that occupy the center of the peninsula; while on the coastline, you will find a mixed forest (Balsam Fir-Yellow Birch) and hardwood (Maple and Yellow Birch). The Alpine floor is covered by shrub Tundra and, at the highest peaks, herbaceous Tundra.
Thirty mammals of all sizes meet in these magnificent forests. You may see Black Bears, Moose, White-Tailed Deer, Lynx, Coyotes and, if you're lucky, a Cougar. At peak level, you will find Reindeer.


We are a family who immigrated from Ardenne, Belgium and have been in Gaspé since 2005.


We live as much as possible from what the Earth gives us, we raise our own livestock, produce our own dairy products, and cultivate our own vegetable garden. We wanted to raise our children “with” Nature in order to open their eyes to what is important. We also tried to make them as independent as possible by teaching them about farming, cooking, picking wild plants, self-construction and personal development.
We reject this capitalist system which is blind to everything, except short term profit and the Holy Economic Growth.

We have created an artisanal foraging company that you can discover here: :
Gaspésie Sauvage
It would be our pleasure to share with you our knowledge of the flavours of the Forest and the Sea.

You can also visit our family farm and its animals: various poultry, rabbits, cows, pigs, as well as our Pyrenean Mountain dogs, faithful guardians of the herds.

Le Gite

Former hunting camp converted into a 12 m2 peaceful Tiny House, off-grid (no electricity, no internet), with an 8 m2 terrace, located in a quiet forest.

Ideal for families, it can accommodate a maximum of 4 people and includes:
-Four single berths (sleeping bags provided on request: 20$ each)

-A fully equipped kitchenette with propane stove. We also provide the basic elements: salt, pepper, spices, oil, vinegar, herbal tea.

-A games area and library

-A wood stove (wood supplied)

-A solar shower

-A dry toilet (toilet paper and bransaw provided)

Solar and battery powered LED lighting. A 100-litre tank provides fresh water for cooking and solar showering. If you want peace and quiet in a rustic but comfortable place, you will enjoy your stay.
If there is snow, we provide snowshoes and snow shovel ! During covered weather, the solar shower bags will of course not be functional. All you need to do is heat water on the stove to wash up.

Free parking Access by foot only, but two minutes from the parking lot.
Forest roads are accessible for your walks or snowshoe walks. Possible visit of our farm and our forest products store, on request.
No pets.
No smoking.
No party or evening.
Exterior fires are strictly prohibited as a safety precaution.


At least 2 nights :
The cost is $ 180.
Extra night : $ 90

From May 15 until november 15 minimum booking is 2 nights.
Closed from november 16 until May 14.

These prices do not include lodging tax of 3.5% and the GST tax (5%) - PST ( 9.975 %).

Click here to book now
Contact us for your specific needs (rental over 3 weeks , month, or other). Thank you.

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  • ""What a wonderful experience with my two 8 and 10 year old children in this little cocoon in the forest. Thank you Gérard and Catherine for allowing us to live a few moments in this environment. "
  • "Thank you for this great opportunity to experience some magical moments in this beautiful Tiny-House that reminds us how little we need to be happy in life. "
  • "Spending a single night in this Tiny-House is certainly equivalent to a few days of intensive meditation !"
    Raymond and Sophie
  • "My son of 10 exclaimed that he would gladly spend his entire life in this Tiny-House... I agree!"
    Boisvert Family
  • "After a warm welcome from Catherine and Gérard, we spent a beautiful evening in the Tiny-House, the small wood stove crackling, the trees covered with ice revealing themselves as flakes of lunar reflections. One night in the woods, warm under the blanket, alone in the world, we fully experienced this piece of Gaspésie Sauvage!"
    Claire and Hugues Deglaire, animal photographer
  • "Small rustic hunter-style camp in the middle of a charming forest. Everything you need for an intimate stay. We greatly appreciated the tranquility, freedom and wild spirit of the place. Moreover, Gérard and Catherine are very welcoming hosts, they will make you discover this magnificent part of the country!"
    Lyssa and Étienne
    Chiefs of La Récolte Espace Local, Montreal
  • "There are certainly some basic ingredients to the recipe for happiness that are hidden in this Tiny-House."
    Jean Lebrun


  • Please confirm availabilities on the calendar above.

    From May 01 until june 14 minimum booking is 4 nights.
    From june 15 until october 15 minimum booking is 7 nights.
    From october 16 until november 15 minimum booking is 4 nights.
    Closed from november 16 until april 30.

     I accept for myself and on behalf of those who are with me the booking conditions (PDF version).
    Using the solar shower
    Using the dry toilet

    Payment conditions : Your reservation will be valid upon receipt of 100% of the total amount payable by check, direct deposit or via Paypal.

    Arrival time: 4 pm Departure : 10 am

    Refund policy: refund of the amount paid if your cancellation is received at least 4 weeks before the start date of your stay.

Rules of Conduct
For your stay, and for the people who come after you, we thank you in advance for not smoking inside the house, and ask you to abide by the few pointers below.

Thank you for using the wooden plank for your cooking.

Use of beds
Never use duvets and pillows without covers.

Feel free to request additional pillows, if necessary. They will be provided free of charge.

Thank you for not eating in the bedroom.

Use of Toilet
Ladies, it is IMPERATIVE that you NEVER throw your sanitary napkins and tampons in the toilet. Our sewers and septic tanks are absolutely not designed for this use!

A big thank you for using the trash!

Waste sorting
A recycling bin is located under the kitchen sink.

In the country, it is easy to compost. A compost bin is located on the kitchen countertop. When full, you can empty it into our compost pile near the vegetable garden!

Life on the farm

The farm is a wonderful discovery area for children, but can also be, a place full of danger.
For their safety, do not let your children walk close to the animals unattended.

Because of cohabitation issues with our herd and dogs, pets are not allowed.
Water, as life itself, is precious! Our tap water is safe to drink. It comes from an artesian well dug near our house. Kindly use it within reason.

Also, we ask that you be environmentally responsible when using electrical appliances and lighting; not excessively heating every room or turning on all the lights. Similarly, when you go out, please turn off the lights.

If you are not familiar with wood stoves, be careful! Ask us for a hand.
In the dry season, the danger of fire is everywhere, please pay close attention to the barbecue embers and, and, in windy conditions, do not turn it on. It is absolutely forbidden to light a fire at any site on the property and the surrounding area.

Concerning noise: The first, and most important, rule is simply the use of common sense regarding respect for others. Avoid excessive noise or other nuisances, especially at night.

Before departure

The following points must be observed:
- fridge and freezer emptied and cleaned.

- Cleaned stovetop and oven.

- Dishes cleaned and put away.

- Coffee maker, kettle and barbecue emptied and cleaned.

- Emptied and cleaned trash.
- Emptied and cleaned compost bin.

- Beds: folded sheets and duvets on the beds. 

- Bedroom: garbage emptied.

- Bathroom: bin emptied, toilet bowl cleaned.

- General cleaning: vacuuming (a vacuum cleaner is available)

- Replenish the supply of wood for the woodstove, if needed.

In general, we ask that the immediate surroundings are clean and in order. Please do not leave cigarette butts, papers, etc…, lying around.

While understanding that it can be irritating to be told what would seem to be the obvious concerning the proper maintenance of a place, we, unfortunately, also know from experience, that it is sometimes a necessity!
We simply ask that you take care of the house as if it were your own!

We wish you a pleasant stay in our Tiny House and invite you to leave a message in the guestbook..

Payment conditions: Your reservation will be valid upon receipt of payment covering 100% of the total amount due. Payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit or via Paypal. The remaining balance is due upon your arrival, and can be handled by cheque or in cash. 

Arrival and departure: 4 PM and 10 AM (to allow time to prepare the house for the next guests).

Damages: Any breakages, for which you are responsible, will be charged as extra.

Refund policy: Your deposit will be refunded as long as a cancellation is received at least 4 weeks before the start date of your stay.

Discharge: I am aware that biking, kayaking, snowshoeing and other activities, involve risks and have inherent dangers. I acknowledge and possess the skills necessary to practise kayaking, biking and snowshoeing. I acknowledge having examined the bikes, kayaks and snowshoes and am satisfied with their quality. I have read the documentation related to their proper handling before using them.

I agree to assume the responsibility and the cost of any injury or damage of any kind caused to me , or that I might cause to others, due to any equipment failure belonging to the house.

I waive any and all claims and release the owner from liability.

I hereby certify that neither my heirs nor my legal or personal representatives, nor any of my family or myself will file a complaint or lawsuit against the owners of the house.

I accept, as a parent or guardian responsible for a child, that all minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. I agree, personally and on behalf of the child, with the terms of this disclaimer and that they also apply to the child.

Checking “Accept”means that I agree with and accept, on behalf of myself and on behalf of those who are with me, all the conditions mentioned above.

(PDF version)


- Some ideas in the area -

ACTIVITIES: Spring-Summer-Fall

We are 5 minutes from Gaspe Bay and the St. John River; 15 minutes from the York River, and 20 minutes from the Dartmouth.

Activités sportives
Douglastown beach is 5 minutes from the Tiny House!

The beach is sandy and there is a beautiful panorama of Forillon National Park.

Kayaking, canoeing...
Mountain Bike and Bike Path

Naturalist Activities
We have cleared a few trails on our property. They allow you to discover the forest around us (trees, plants, fruits and mushrooms,etc.) and some of their dining guests (squirrels, partridges, hares, chipmunks, porcupines, etc.)! The trails are safe and can be accessed directly from the Tiny House.

International Appalachian Trail
National Park of Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock
Forillon National Park
Gaspésie National Park
Whale Watching
Places To Go

The Musée de la Gaspésie in Gaspé

Microbrewery Pit Caribou, L’Anse-À-Beaufils
Auval | Brasserie Auval brewing co.
La distillerie - La société secrète
To provide you with good local products, Marché des Saveurs Gaspésiennes and Gaspésie Gourmande !


Snowshoes are available and walking trails are accessible from our property!
An ice rink is located near the village church.

Alpine skiing

Club de ski les éclairs

If you love astronomy, our site is the perfect place to practice your passion! We have a space devoid of light pollution.

And the northern lights are not rare ...


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